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Personalized Money Advice From Your Professor

The New Normal LLC

Personalized Money Advice From Your Professor

$ 399.99

Need personalized money advice from a bonafide, certified, self-made multimillionaire? 

You'd like more money, right?

Receive up to a one-hour personal call and discuss money with Your Professor himself, Tom Leykis.

Remember, Tom doesn't claim to be an attorney (no legal advice!), an accountant (no accounting advice!) an author, or a stockbroker. Just a guy who grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with three other siblings and became fabulously wealthy. This is something you can do. Are you ready to get started?

If sending an email and hearing the answer isn't enough, or if you don''t subscribe to Tom's podcast and you need answers, here's a way for Tom to make time to call you personally, on your schedule. Be sure to include your daytime and nighttime phone numbers as well as some preferred times to receive Tom's call when you reserve your time with him. Calls will be made at mutually convenient times.

Are you in? Let's start right now. Time to become more successful!

By making this purchase, you agree that there are no refunds for this purchase for any reason.

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