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Please use Paypal as a last resort

Tom Leykis

We offer PayPal as a payment option because listeners such as you demanded it.

However, Paypal is sometimes problematic.

Just like Shopify, the service behind our online store, Paypal also accepts credit cards. When you see the Paypal button, it's very tempting to just click on it because it's so familiar.

But you should know that Paypal charges us substantially more in fees than Shopify and PayPal is not transparent about whether a shopper has used cash or a credit card. PayPal also refuses to limit purchases to cash only even if we request that limit to be placed on our account. That sucks!

We understand that some of you don't use banks or prefer to pay with cash, and that is what Paypal is for. Please only use PayPal to transfer cash from your PayPal account to ours when you make a purchase. But please don't use PayPal to make a credit card payment because it will cost The New Normal substantially more in fees than if you use Shopify.

If you have questions or concerns, drop us a line at

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